Why does my sugar glider wheeze and bark??

She wheezes every once in a while and lately, she has been doing ALOT of barking at night, when everyone is sleeping.
I am mostly concerned with why she is wheezing, though.

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  1. Hi- The barking is competly normal although its basically calling for your attention- They are nocturnal so they will rest daytime and be up at night. The wheezing concerns me too- Please take her to a vet asap that has had experience with sugar gliders (most haven’t). Good luck!
    check this link for more info http://www.sugarglider.com/

    Best Answer? huh huh huh?? lol, jk

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  2. the wheezing.. kinda like a sneeze sort of..
    thats normal also..
    it can either mean they are happy and content..
    or somtimes it means they are lonely..
    so if u have one.. it probably means its lonely and he is calling for you.
    but if u have 2… im sure he is happy

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  3. Has she been to the vet? I take mine once a year. If you don’t know if there are vets in your area that do gliders check glidercentral.net they have a whole registry that glider owners have put together.

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  4. myaddictiontofire

    As its been said already, barking is normal. Mine usually bark when they are bored – is your girl alone? You’ve probably heard it before, but gliders are MUCH happier with another glider pal. It wont interfere with the bond you have at all, and it’s not much more expensive in upkeep.

    Anyways, for the wheezing, is it kind of a hiss/wheeze? Hissing is a form of communication for them, like barking. But with hissing, it could mean many things – One thing to really look out for is to see what she is doing when she is making the sound. Many times if they are trying to go to the bathroom and hissing at the same time, this could indicate blockage or a urinary tract infection.

    HTH :)

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