Can sugar gliders eat bananas,strawberries,kiwi,mango,papaya,peaches,oranges,carrots,green beans.?

I’m want my sugar gliders to be healthy and I’m not sure what I can give them.

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  1. stay flyyy iiiiiiii

    i would help…but i dont know what a sugar glider is

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  2. There is a lot to feeding them the ‘right’ things. and you have to be careful of what you feed them too much of.
    try going to this website to find more information
    My friend had one and she fed her some bananas..and it loved it.

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  3. melissahalvorsen

    Sugar Gliders can eat almost any raw fruit or vegetable (except onions), but most of the time they won’t choose to eat bananas, stawberries, or citrus fruits. Mine really like melons of all kinds (especially cantelope), grapes, apples, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and occasionally pears and asian pears. They’ll also eat mangos, kiwis, and frozen peas.

    Some of the best food you can give your gliders is crickets. They need a lot of protien, and they love to eat insects since that’s what they eat in the wild. Other good sources of protien are mealworms, blueberry or peach yogurt (don’t ever get light yogurt), hard boiled eggs, and baby food with some kind of meat (mine like turkey and sweet potatoes.)

    Every night you should give your gliders a fruit/vegetable and a protien. Two adult gliders need about 1/2 a cup fruit/vegetable and a tablespoon of protien (that’s half a hard boiled egg or five crickets per glider). Try to vary what they get each night so they have different combinations of food all the time.

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